How to prevent young ones from getting bitten by mosquitos ?

How to prevent young ones from getting bitten by mosquitos ?

It sounds embarrassing to have a holiday in during mosquito period, especially for children. Mosquito bite is not only annoying but it can also spread a range of diseases such as fever, malaria, and dengue. To manage the situation, here are some advices that can be applied to prevent young ones from getting bittenadre by mosquitos.

Use protective clothing

The first tip to avoid mosquito bite is the clothing. So you should find the best way to dress young ones.

  • Put loose-fitting clothes to make sure their skin are mostly covered by clothing.
  • Accessories like shoes, socks, gloves and hats are also useful to prevent mosquitoes.
  • Avoid putting flower-colored or dark-colored clothing that can attract mosquitoes. Put on light-colored fabrics on your child.

Choose the best time to go out

As found by research, mosquitoes are most active during dusk hours. That is during sundown or dark time. So you can stay safe at home during that time to protect your child from mosquito bite. But if you have to, make sure you use extra protection. Plus, depending on the area, rainy season is often the period of mosquitoes. So you can choose winter or spring instead.

Keep young ones from mosquito-heavy area

There are many places where mosquitoes are extremely active. It is not really good to bring young ones in such places to reduce the risk of getting bitten. The following places should be avoided to protect your child from mosquito bite: 

  • Wooded areas
  • Water areas 
  • Bogs 
  • Flower beds 
  • Dirty and wet areas

Apply anti-mosquito products

Many anti-mosquito products are available to manage the situation. When you go to a mosquito-heavy area, you can apply a specific product to keep you from bite. They can be spread on the clothes or you can also apply it on children's skin. You have many to choose and buy the products in the shops or in any pharmacy.

Optimize your living area

The place where you stay needs to be well-protected. Some tips to avoid mosquitoes can be applied to manage it well. 

  • Burn citronella candles in young ones'room. This is to prevent mosquitoes from entering the house and get them out. - Close the windows which lead to the garden view or wet places 
  • Put a mosquito net around young one's bed, across the window or the door. 
  • Spray insect repellent to your child's room or clothing equipment

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